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Ben Schröder - Drums
Ben Schröder (1955, Nieuwer Amstel) starts picking up the drums at the age of 13, he is entirely self taught. From the end of the seventies he joins the "Trio Jos van Beest".
Around the same time he is part of the first house band at the famous Amsterdam jazz stage, "Café Alto", and can regularly be heard playing with alto saxophonist and flute player, Peter Guidi. Many well known names from the Dutch jazzscene are to follow, such as: Harry Verbeke, Ruud Brink, Hein van der Gaag and Ferdinand Povel.

Near the end of the eighties up until now Ben fills the drum chair in the "Rob Agerbeek Trio".

He has performed many times at the "North Sea Jazz Festival" accompanying artists like: Teddy Edwards, Benjamin Herman en Rob Agerbeek.

Other performers he has backed up are: Benny Bailey and Miroslav Vitous (doing a tour through Norway). Furthermore he toured former Yugoslavia and Switzerland and played at the internationally renowned "Jamaica Jazz Festival".

Since 2011 Ben leads his own "Vintage Jazz Sextet"

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