High Fry
Jeroen Manders
Guy Nikkels
Bob Wijnen
Ben Schröder

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Ain't That Peculiar
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Nova Quebec
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I'd Be a Fool Right Now
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Hammond Sixties Party

"High Fry" is the meeting of four musicians with a passion for the groove and a love for tradition. Groove, here, is understood as letting the music speak for itself through the tried concept of swing. The tradition is jazz, of the simmering type that luckily paired the sounds of the Hammond organ to that of the tenor saxophone.

Thus, firmly rooted in the hard hitting style of the 50's, and adding some of the funky flavors it acquired in the 60's, "High Fry" cooks up a lively stew of its own.

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The équipe de cuisine in this tasty get-together is formed by:

Jeroen Manders, whose dark sound on the tenor saxophone harks back to his own heroes, among them venerated masters of the art, such as: Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis and Buddy Tate.

Guy Nikkels, whose relentless sense of time on the guitar forms a driving force among the members of this team. His playing may at times pleasantly recall the sound of young George Benson.

Bob Wijnen, who, with a broad vision, is able to concoct on the Hammond organ all sounds and grooves required for any cooking session.

Ben Schröder, who has been a swinging powerhouse through the decades for all those musicians, fortunate enough to have played with this gifted drummer.

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